Digital in Timor-Leste: All the Statistics You Need in …

 · This report contains all the latest internet stats, mobile stats, and social media stats for Timor-Leste, but read on below for essential insights into digital use in Timor-Leste in 2021. Timor-Leste had a population of 1.33 …

Timor-Leste People & Culture – Tourism Timor-Leste

Culture. Timorese cultural heritage is multi-layered – a fascinating combination of traditional Timorese, Portuguese, Chinese and Indonesian influences. This permeates their local architecture, cuisine, clothing styles and artistic endeavors. Timorese culture continues to evolve in local arts and handicrafts, as well as in dance and music.

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Bee Timor-Leste Empressa Publica

Welcome to BTL, E.P - BTL, E.P Bee Timor-Leste Empressa Publica (BTL, E.P.) is a public utility company recently established by the Government of Timor-Leste through a Decree Law no. 41/2020. We are new, but enthusiastic in performing our tasks. Our tasks are to promote greater efficiency and sustainability for the implementation of the ...

WHO Timor-Leste | World Health Organization

 · Launch of EU-WHO-MoH partnership on health support in response to COVID-19 in Timor-Leste. Find out more. Our Work. Awareness in road injuries. According to the latest WHO data (published in 2017), road traffic accident deaths in Timor-Leste reached 208 or 2.77% of total deaths. The age-adjusted Death Rate is 19.34 per 100 ...

Timor-Leste – The State of Conflict and Violence in Asia 2021

Overview. Timor-Leste''s road to nationhood has been difficult but ultimately successful. The country was heavily affected by conflict before, during, and after it achieved full independence in 2002, but it has been largely peaceful since 2007 and was rated the second-most democratic country in Southeast Asia in 2020. 1 The country maintained a fragile stability for the first four …


 · Overview. Last reviewed - 21 February 2022. Timor-Leste is located in Southeast Asia, on the eastern half of Timor Island (400 miles northwest of Darwin, Australia). The western half of Timor Island is part of Indonesia. Timor-Leste (previously known as East Timor) was declared an Indonesian province in 1975 (previously colonised by Portugal).

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4 Best Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin in Timor-Leste (2022)

 · Steps to Buy Cryptocurrency in Timor-Leste. 1. Create an account with an exchange. Timor-Leste has 4 trusted exchanges available for you to sign up for, with the most popular being eToro and Kraken, which account for a combined 26,000,000 active users. Both exchanges are considered to be beginner-friendly and offer multiple deposit methods and ...

FAO in Timor-Leste

Project list. Priority Area 1. Support to improvement of institutions and coordination mechanisms for policies, laws and regulations and programmes and plans to ensure equitable year-round access to adequate, nutritious and affordable food for all. TCP/TIM/3605/C4. Develop the Timor-Leste regulation on pesticides and the use of chemicals.

Timor-Leste is reeling from record floods and the full impact of …

 · Timor-Leste is still reeling from the disastrous floods which hit on Sunday in the wake of torrential rains. The death toll has now grown to at least 42, with many still missing.

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HANDS: Fostering early childhood education in Timor-Leste

 · Timor-Leste declared independence from Portugal in 1975. Nine days later they were invaded by Indonesia, who occupied the country until 2001. The effects and challenges of this period are still being felt, as the country seeks to find its feet and create a future shaped in their own vision. A great deal of educational, economic and social ...

Hiking & Walking – Tourism Timor-Leste

Hiking & Walking. Timor-Leste is the perfect place for hiking. The country has stunning scenery, friendly locals and a network of tracks criss-crossing the entire country. From coastal walks to multi-day village and mountain hikes, Timor-Leste has some excellent options. Timor-Leste''s highest mountain with 2963mt and the roof of Central Timor ...

Best Internet Providers in Timor-Leste

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Digital in Timor-Leste: All the Statistics You Need in 2021 ...

 · This report contains all the latest internet stats, mobile stats, and social media stats for Timor-Leste, but read on below for essential insights into digital use in Timor-Leste in 2021. Timor-Leste had a population of 1.33 million in January 2021. Timor-Leste''s population increased by 25 thousand (+1.9%) between January 2020 and January 2021.

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How To Say Timor-Leste

Learn how to say Timor-Leste with EmmaSaying free pronunciation tutorials finition and meaning can be found here:https://+Tim...

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Pro Ema

Pro-Ema''s founder also founded and directed for 9 years, another organization which is consider a model in Timor-Leste in the areas of shelter and protection of children victims of violence and sexual abuse. Today Pro-Ema employs 16 timorense staff, 10 of them are young women who have survived sexual violence and have lived for more than 5 ...

United Nations in Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste currently has one of the highest infant mortality rates and maternal mortality ratios in South East Asia. The island nation has an infant mortality rate of 43.9 deaths per 1,000 live births and a maternal mortality ratio of 142 deaths per 100,000 live births. Dr.

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BTI 2022 Timor-Leste Country Report

Timor-Leste''s economy depends on the conversion of finite, non-renewable oil and gas wealth in the Timor Sea into monetary assets, which began in 2005 and has been tailing off since 2014. Timor-Leste''s fossil fuel assets were responsible for the significant growth of the country''s Petroleum Fund, which now holds about 10 times the annual ...

Why is Timor-Leste Still Unable to Diversify its Economy?

 · In August 2020, the government of Timor-Leste released an Economic Recovery Plan (ERP) Report, which elaborates measures to minimize further stagnation of economic activities due to COVID-19, and ...

A Gender-Sensitive Insight of Poverty Mapping for Timor-Leste.

In Timor-Leste, the literacy rate for the population aged 15 to 40 years old is relatively high. However, it is highly gender-unequal, where the male population is more likely to be literate than the population. This gender gap in the literacy rate, however, is much narrower if we restrict the age group in our analysis to the youth ...


table 3 – secondary education in timor-leste, 2010 22 table 4 – graduated students (cumulative data up to 2011) 24 table 5 – summary of existing health facilities in timor-leste 36 table 6 – benefits paid under decree-law no. 19/2008 allowance for the elderly and disabled 47 table 7 – timor-leste''s critical industries 108

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Bee Timor-Leste Empressa Publica

Bee Timor-Leste Empressa Publica BEE TIMOR-LESTE EMPRESA PUBLICA Who We Are We are a public utility company''s which responsible for providing clean water and improved sanitation services to the benefit of all citizens throughout the country. We are also responsible for raising financial resources for the sector. Next Our Mission

U.S. Embassy in Timor Leste

U.S. Citizens with emergencies, please call +670 330 2400. Outside of Office Hours, contact: +670-7723-1328. Outside of Timor Leste: +670 330-2400

The Building Community Resilience in Timor-Leste

The Building Community Resilience in Timor-Leste Project focuses on five of the country''s most disaster-prone municipalities. Working with the Government of Timor-Leste (GOTL), the project uses globally-accepted best practices to assist rural communities in reducing the impact of disasters through training, small grants, and educational inputs.

FAO in Timor-Leste | FAO in Timor-Leste | Food and Agriculture ...

Our office. FAO has been working in Timor-Leste since 1999. From 1999 – 2011 FAO was mainly supporting the Government in the areas of emergency operations and early recovery from recurrent crises and natural disasters. It was only in 2012 that FAO established its representation office in the country as a response to the Government request to ...

Reimagine Education ICT & Innovation in Timor-Leste

make the children of Timor-Leste be prepared for the future." Drawing on the experience from the COVID-19 pandemic in Timor-Leste, when thousands of children had to stay at home, Valerie Taton pictured a world where both teachers and students could benefit from learning through technology on a daily basis. Digital

Timor''s Job Portal

Dili, Timor-Leste . Top Recruiters Here are our top recruiters this month. ADRA. 0 Open Jobs; Australia Timor-Leste Partnership for Human Development (PHD) 0 Open Jobs; Quick Career Tips. Our blog is all about looking for, landing and loving …

Timor-Leste: Natural Disasters and COVID-19 Take Their Toll

 · Advertisement. On April 4, Tropical Cyclone Seroja hit Timor-Leste, devastating the island nation and resulting in the worst floods in …

Structure of the VIII Constitutional Government « Government of Timor-Leste

The National Press of Timor-Leste, I.P., is subject to the superintendence and guardianship of the Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers shall be replaced, in his absences or impediments, by the Minister who is appointed by the Prime Minister, on a proposal from the ... is a legally operating company in the UK (#11118410). We were one of the first to invest in cryptocurrencies. is a leading blockchain investment company. Our mission is to act as a catalyst for universal adoption and blockchain innovation. We focus only on investing in blockchain technologies.

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